Our priority is always to give our utmost to the people we deal with. Communication is fundamental and when you speak to us you will realise how easy it is to transform your ideas into reality. We also offer different price profiles to be able to work at any budget level without ever sacrificing quality in our work, which is always our prime objective. We love our work and we love doing it well, and nothing leaves UNDAtheC Studios that we or our clients are not happy with.

studio setup


Korg 01/w FD - Korg Trinity - Korg Triton – Korg Radias – Korg M3 – Kurzweil K2500– Access Virus – Waldorf microQ – Novation A-Station – Yamaha Motif XS


Pod Pro 2 - Bass Guitar Driver GL100 - Rocktron Prophesy - Digitech 2101 - Alesis Quadraverb Korg AX30-B - Boss Pro-Comp - Behringer Composer Pro (Compressor) Behringer Ultragain (PreAmp) Korg DTR1 - Boss VF1 - Zoom 9120 - Lexicon Jam Man (Reverb) - Alesis 3630 (Compressor) - E-Bow (Guitar) - Talking Box (Guitar) - Boss Pedal Fx (Guitar) - - MXR Pedal Fx (Guitar) - Morley Wha (Guitar)


Rolls RM203x - Peavey Valvex - Akai Mix820 - Roland VS 1680 (HD studio Workstation) - Behringer EuroRack RX1602


Nazzareno Zacconi is FRAMUS endorser.


ADA Viper - Fender Twin Reverb - Peavey Classic 50/50 - MesaBoogie Triaxis.

Studio Monitors

Event TR6 Monitors Genelec 1037C Monitors


StudioProjects C1 - Rode NT 3 - 2x Shure SM58 - 2x Shure SM57

Hardware + Software

5 Computers with the highest quality sound hardware + software including:
2 x E-MU 1616M Audio Cards - More Than 100 Sample cds in AKAI Format - Various Soft Synths - Advanced Orchestra Library - Sonic Foundry SoundForge - Cakewalk Sonar - Steinberg WaveLab - Native Instruments - Propellerhead Reason + Recycle - ModPlug Tracker