Studio di registrazione e sound design - Musiche effetti sonori e doppiaggio per videogiochi.

Recording and sound design studio - videogame music, sound effects and voice over.




Shadows on the Vatican Act.1, Greed - PC

“The soundtrack blew me away. The soundtrack is one of the best I’ve heard in a video game this year and it’s definitely my front runner for when we give out or end of year audio award. I honestly could have just sat there and listened to the music in this game. It’s that good.”

“Sound Rating: Unparalleled” (Diehardgamefan.com)


Kroco Gems - iOS

“The music in Kroco Gems is exceptional. I love the happy sounds in this iPad app. It brings a real smile to my face. The special effect sounds are good as well. I love getting lines and selecting levels. All of these enhance Kroco Gems in ways that are barely describable. The audio department is the best part of Kroco Gems in my opinion. It is part of the game that stands out drastically.”

“Sound: 98%” (Clashentertainment.com)


Jake Escapes - iOS Android

“PRO: Soundtrack is catchy and upbeat” (AppSmile)

“Just Funny Games deserves some kudos for packaging the game with great graphics and sound” (AppCraver)

“It’s got buckets of personality, arresting visuals, and an impressive soundtrack that complements each location perfectly.” (PocketGamer)

“The original soundtrack for the game is even entertaining.” (148Apps.com)

“The music and sound effects also go along perfectly with the graphic look and feel of the game” (Crazy Mike’s Apps)

“Jake Escapes has an amazing storyline as well great music.” (AppCroc)

“The style works nicely and combines funnily with the '70's heist movie score, outfitting fans of all caper movies with something to love.” (Gamezebo)


Final Freeway 2R - iOS Android

“The sound is great, and the music is excellent” (Popugamer)

“The music in this game features 3 well-made tracks. They are really keeping things pumping, and are great to listen to as you play” (CapsuleComputer.com)

“Three wonderful soundtracks”

“The pixel art graphics are great, just like the soundtrack, studied to pump the adrenaline during your race” (AppK.com)

“Pro: Good selection of tunes to race to.” (AppSpy.com)

“Even the song selection […] offers up the perfect accompaniment to those hair-flapping, tire-squealing thrills.” (PocketGamer.com)


Battle Loot Adventure - iOS Android

 "I love the sound in this game, RPG games must have a well rounded package to be immersive and this game's sound and music does not disappoint." (App'dUp.com)


Trigonon - iOS

“The atmosphere is simply breathtaking, from the high definition visuals to the relaxing soundtrack”

“Pro: Atmospheric soundtrack.” (AppSpy.com)

“The electronic music that plays during each level is very fitting” (TapScape.com)

“It has great production values, with appealing art and electronic music.” (SlideToPlay.com)


Act of Fury: Kraine’s revenge - iOS

“The sound effects and the audio tracks resemble the classic coin-op ones and are well crafted”  (EveryEye.it)

“The music is nothing short of awesome though, I was reminded of the dingy arcade halls of my misspent youth”  (IndiegameMagazine.com)

“Pro: Fun retro graphics and music.” (Gamezebo.com)

“The music and sounds go along nicely in passing on the feel of the world in Act of Fury”  (TheAppShack.com)


Gem Smashers - 3DS Wii iOS PC

“The music in Gem Smashers is wonderful. From the action packed levels to the main menus. I enjoyed listening to the music all over this game. The sound effects generally add to this dimension as well.” (Familyfriendgaming.com)


BANG! - iOS PC Bada Nokia Android

“The audio for the game almost completes the game, it isn’t just some soundtrack that they’ve thrown in or thought was just about there, it is the game. The Western soundtrack that just brings the game to another level, the sound effects, everything is perfect for it.” (Capsulecomputer.com)


Fallen Ep.1 iOS

"Impressive audio soundtrack" "Where Fallen really succeeds is in its ability to create atmosphere." "Sound design is of a startling high quality from start to finish." (AppGamer.net)

"The sound is the strongest aspect of Fallen." (TouchGen.net)

"A stellar soundtrack and handful of videos add to the atmosphere, which is the strong point of the game" (Slidetoplay.com)

‎"The sound is very atmospheric too and I would highly recommend that you play the game using headphones to get the full effect of the haunting sounds that had me on edge throughout the game." (Touchreviews.net)

 "The background sounds and brooding music do a fantastic job of putting players in the mood for a good horror game" (Toucharcade.com)

“The sound and music is excellent [...]. This is definitely a game to play with headphones on or you’ll miss out on the atmosphere. And this is where Fallen really excels.” (Touchmyapps.com)


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